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Welcome to Ravi Clinic (Sexologist)

We have been providing sexual treatments for a long time.Number of people experiencing sexual problems has increased in the last few years.We understand and respect the fact that sexuality is the most secret and sensitive aspect of your personality. We can some to your rescue by prescribing the right treatment for the sexual problem which is worrying you.

The objective of this clinic right from its inception has been to facilitate healthy sex life through natural and herbal solutions. Dear Visitor, We at Ravi Clinic, believe that treatment for sex problems should not only be done but should be done with complete transparency. TRANSPARENCY IS OUR POLICY. We do not believe in giving any self-manufactured drugs or dispense any drugs at our end. We treat sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction ,sexual arousal disorders, male infertility ,male impotency from base root level with the help of great diagnostic tools with very cost effectiveness.

Our Treatments

Premature Ejaculation

If you are unable to control ejaculation and generally ejaculate within one minute of sexual

Erectile Dysfunction

If you are not able to maintain your erection, you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction to genera

Veneral Diseases

Syphillis is a sexually transmitted infection that can be broadly classified into multiple stages


Does the thought of becoming a parent and your inability to do so hamper your everyday life?

Our Clinic

Being driven by a pool of experienced and skilled medical practitioners having specialization in this branch,we can provide you with the best of the treatment.Our friendly as well as helpful staff ensures that you feel comfortable with us.Also we have latest equipment and medical kits to perform tests and treatment.With us on board, you do not only get treated for sexual problems but also get counselling sessions which help in enhancing your relationship with your partner.We perform comprehensive medical checkup before initiating the treatment.We strongly believe in identifying the root cause of the problem so that you can get the right treatment.

Sexual problems do not disappear on their own, but need to be treated. We offer psychological counselling along with physical treatment. We have upheld the trust of our patients by providing the best treatment that has a minimum to no side effects. That is the reason why we have repeat patients who completely trust us.

Our Patients

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